June 20, 2008
Ghost Quest visits library
Ghost Quest investigated The Palace Theater Last Year

GOFFSTOWN Recently, the New Hampshire Paranormal Research Society's "Ghost Quest" team, was called in to investigate the lovely Goffstown Library. There we were met by Sandy and Jess, who talked about books flying off shelves, hearing footsteps, an elevator that would go up to the second floor for no reason a few times in a row with no one on the elevator itself, they had called the elevator company a few times to repair it and the company could not figure out why it was happening. 

The Ghost Quest team set up a four set of IR cameras on the second floor.  Two new support members, Denise and Jackie, joined them there.  It was their second investigation and they were all very excited. Especially Katie Boyd (ghost quest's Demonologist/occult expert) as she had grown up in Goffstown and the library was where she had picked up her first Occult book and got started on her path. 

The team arrived at 7 p.m. it was dusk, not windy, sky was clear, about 65 degrees outside 60 - 63 inside. First, they set up intake while Beckah and Raven (ghost quest's two psychic mediums) waited outside.  They use wireless lav microphones when doing walkthroughs and intake interviews because it makes the voices loud and clear, however there was a lot of swishing noises in the sound, or it would go dead completely.  They attributed that to low batteries in the microphone and so broke open new batteries. The Team still had the same issue.  It took them about a half hour before they gave up and recorded without the microphones. 

After intake they decided to go ahead and start the individual psychic walkthroughs. Both mediums picked up on the paranormal phenomena as well as drawing times, dates and names.

All in all it was an interesting and exciting investigation of a landmark within the Goffstown community.  The Ghost Quest team were both honored and pleased with the outcome and plan to go back for an overnight investigation.

The full case report and video will be up on the Ghost Quest website in the next two weeks so keep an eye out for it at www.ghostquest.org



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