March 6, 2008 
Lockwood leaving SAU in June 
Heads for job in Tyngsborough, MA

GOFFSTOWN - School Superintendent Darrell Lockwood is leaving the Goffstown School District to take the reins in Tyngsborough, Mass.  The school board there voted to offer him the superintendent's job Monday night, and he quickly accepted.

Lockwood's starting date is July 1, and he quickly informed Goffstown officials.

Lockwood was also being considered for a similar position in Manchester.  He said his decision was largely a matter of timing.

"I was obviously interested in both positions," he said.

"Tyngsborough was a little quicker to make their decision, and it just seemed like a great match," said Lockwood. "No aspersions toward Manchester in any way. I had to think seriously about the offer and I did."

Pay wasn't an issue.

The Bay State district is offering a salary range nearly identical to Manchester's $135,000 to $155,000.  Lockwood currently earns $140,000 as superintendent of SAU 19.

The jobs themselves, however, are starkly different. Tyngsborough claims about 2,200 students, while Manchester is New Hampshire's largest with more than 17,000.

"There are advantages and disadvantages to both," said Lockwood, "so had I been offered them both on the same day it would have been a difficult choice."


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