March 9, 2011
Thank you Goffstown

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Phil D’Avanza for his successful bid for re-election as selectman and thank you Phil for a campaign that was free from negative rhetoric. 

I learned a lot from my campaign and met many good people in the process. What I learned most is that despite our difference of opinions, we all have the best interests of our great community at heart. 

I stood shoulder to shoulder with many candidates at the polls and despite our political differences or fiscal philosophies when we get together to talk and share laughs good things happen.

Difference of opinion is what makes a strong and healthy community and I hope that as we move forward we can break down some of the barriers that seem to set us apart at times and that only serve to undermine our common goal of strengthening our community. 

Special thanks go out to all who supported me during my campaign. Many contributed in many different ways and all was much appreciated. 

To borrow a quote the Governor of California …. “I’ll be back!”

Thank you,

Collis Adams





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