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Posted on Thursday, February 9, 2006


Click here to read historical, chronological documentation:
related to the original Glen Lake Purchase & subsequent
events leading to the transfer of the land to the SAU.


To the Voters, Residents and Taxpayers of Goffstown:

     Much disinformation, misinformation, speculation and rumor has been spread around Goffstown recently, through misguided and vicious editorials in the Goffstown News (see the aforementioned editorial, and reaction to it by the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers), uninformed letters to the editor, and the school district's well-oiled and well-known propaganda machine.  Indeed, some of this disinformation includes shameful, personal attacks against individual members of our organization, specifically Mr. Collis Adams and Mr. Kurt Lauer.

     It's time to set the record straight, once and for all.  In answer to the those who have chosen to slur and slander the good names of good people attempting to right an injustice perpetrated directly upon all of us, we offer the following:


          •  There really are over 100 members of the GRA (122 as of February 3, 2006);
          •  6 of our supporters are elected officials in Goffstown;
          •  109 of our supporters (including Mr. Lauer) are NOT abutters to Map 5, Lot 14 (so much for the NIMBY tag);
          •  44 of our supporters signed authorizations for representation by the GRA's legal team;
          •  19 of our supporters have made financial contributions to our effort;
          •  ALL of our supporters want a kindergarten for Goffstown;
          •  ALL of our supporters want to secure $2.2M in state aid before next July;
          •  ALL of our supporters want the will of the voters (both past and present) respected and upheld.


          •  We were NOT trying to stop kindergarten;
          •  We did NOT initiated litigation "carefully timed to delay the project so state money runs out";
          •  We are NOT attempting "to subvert the will of the voters"; rather, we are attempting to uphold it.

     The GRA believes the Goffstown Board of Selectmen and the Goffstown School District have perpetrated a great injustice upon all of us by completely ignoring the will of the 1977 voters, an apparently common practice.  We believe the will of the 1977 voters must be respected and upheld, and is entitled to the same rights and privileges that we, the 2005 voters, expect. 

     We find it incredibly hypocritical that the Goffstown News says "Big deal. No one cares." about the possibility that the deed did not capture the will of the voters in 1977, calling it a mere "technicality", while at the same time, they accuse the GRA of "subverting the will of the voters."???  So, how long should the will of the 2005 voters be upheld?  2 years?  20 years?  Not at all?  Should we continue to grant Goffstown politicians carte blanche to blatantly side-step the will of whatever voters or town vote that doesn't happen to suit their own purposes and personal agendas?

YOU Decide 

     We invite all voters, residents and taxpayers to examine the background FACTS about how the voters have been duped by our politicians once again, this time regarding the Glen Lake site.  Click here to read the letters, memos and documents related to the land and its purchase, and judge for yourselves as to whether or not the will of the voters has been upheld.  

     We believe the time has come to stop our politicians from running rampant over the will of Goffstown's voters.  Hopefully, this information will be helpful to all in reaching informed, fact-based conclusions about the purchase of the Glen Lake property, the will of the voters who authorized its purchase, and of our efforts to preserve the integrity of that vote.

Click here to read historical, chronological documentation:
related to the original Glen Lake Purchase & subsequent
events leading to the transfer of the land to the SAU



See for yourself why the alternate DPW site at Map 5, Lot 24 is TRULY the PERFECT location for Goffstown's Kindergarten - and future elementary school !

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