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Friday, September 24, 2010
Volume 4, Issue 37

Don’t Miss Out on Fall Trout Fishing

It’s hard to believe that September is already half gone and hunting season will soon be upon us.  However, there is still time for us to enjoy some great fall trout fishing before trout ponds close for the season. If you are fishing designated “trout ponds” and “Fly-fishing Only Ponds“, they are open from the 4th Saturday in April through October 15.  They are legally closed to all fishing on October 16.  Ponds designated as “Wild Trout Ponds” are open the 4th Saturday in April through Labor Day (September 6th, 2010).  There are also waters that contain trout species that are not closed to the taking of trout all year.  These are generally waters that contain multiple species, such as Lake Massabesic in Manchester and Auburn.  Massabesic Lake contains brook, brown and rainbow trout. Goffstown’s Glen Lake also contains trout. 

Waters will be cooling down and as they do, the trout will become more active.  Best fishing will indeed be from a canoe or boat.  There are also possibilities of success for those who fish from shore also.  However, trolling is by far the most successful method of catching fall trout in ponds and lakes as it allows the angler to cover and search a much greater amount of water.  Using a depth-finder is also helpful as it will allow you to see what fish activity is going on at what depth down below. 

As trout fishing in rivers and streams aren’t closed to fishing until October 16, there is an opportunity to enjoy a morning of pheasant hunting and then indulge in some trout fishing later in the day.  If river water levels are decent, I usually put my fly-fishing equipment in my vehicle and hit a stream or river on the way back from bird hunting.  A good river to try would include the Contoocook River (Henniker - from 2,500 feet above former paper mill dam, in West Henniker, to confluence with Merrimack River) and from Contoocook Lake, downstream to the area marked with signs and wire in West Henniker.  Generally, the water conditions are good throughout the Contoocook River. 

Time is slipping away, so try to get in some trout fishing while you can.  Be sure to obtain a copy of New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s 2010 Freshwater Fishing Digest and check the rules and regulations for where you decide to trout fish.  It’s a great new publication and far more informative and easy to read than the earlier digests. 

Good luck and tight lines.


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