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February 26, 2010
Why blame only Scott Gross?

In his column last week, Guy Caron makes it clear that he blames Scott Gross, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, for the increase of $486,564 in our town budget.

I disagree with Mr. Caron (it's not the first time).  I just finished reading the minutes of a meeting the selectmen held just before the start of the town deliberative session.  There is no question Mr. Gross bears a large part of the blame.  But not all of it.

When the meeting began, Mr. Gross actually said he wanted the board to go ahead and support the budget committee's number of $19.2 million.  It was Phil D'Avanza who told everyone he would not.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, Nick Campasano said he wouldn't vote to amend the budget committee's budget at all. 

So Mr. Gross tried to increase the budget by around $20,000 only.  From what I've been told by a lot of people, including some budget committee members, this would have been acceptable to them.

But only Mr. Gross and Steve Fournier voted in favor!  The rest - including Mr. Campasano - voted against it!

Then Mr. Campasano tried to increase the budget by a single dollar for reconsideration purposes later that night, but didn't even get a second to his motion.

It got even stranger.  Right after, Mr. D'Avanza made a motion to increase the budget by $486,564 that was seconded by Fournier who had just a minute before voted to increase it only by $20,000!  And guess what - both Gross and Fournier voted yes!  So did Mr. D'Avanza and Vivian Blondeau.  Only Mr. Campasano voted no.

If that sounds confusing to you, you're not alone.  None of what I read in the minutes makes much sense.  Neither does Scott Gross telling the board he wanted to support the budget committee's figure then voted to increase it by such a large amount.  But Steve Fournier was just as inconsistent in his voting.  So why blame only Scott Gross?

I wonder what everyone was smoking that night?  I wish I had some - it might help ease the pain of the tax increase they all just slammed us with.  

Thanks to this mess, I for one am not voting for any new trucks, ball fields, land buys, lake cleanups or anything else.  I can't afford it.  None of us can anymore.







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