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January 29, 2010
Thank you, Guy Caron

This editorial is in response to a letter published in the Goffstown News by Pam Whitney.  She claims the GRA Website, and Guy Caron, should be ashamed for posting content by citizens while withholding the names of the authors.  Well, I say Guy Caron and the GRA Website offer a mode of accountability for elected officials second to none in Goffstown.

Ms. Whitney specifically touts the honesty and good character of Goffstown School Board Chairman Keith Allard and Superintendent Stacy Buckley. Ms. Whitney holds a very different definition of the words “honest” and “good” from any traditional use of the words, or perhaps she has never had the misfortune of working with them. For example, Ms. Whitney obviously did not view the public hearing for Ms. Pinard, teacher at Goffstown High School, where Ms. Buckley, under oath, admitted she violated Ms. Pinard’s civil right of free speech when Ms. Buckley threatened Ms. Pinard with dismissal from her job should Ms. Pinard have the audacity to continue to further criticize any school administrators or SAU19 administrators. Ms. Pinard spent monies in the retention of an attorney to regain her civil right of free speech and Ms. Buckley was forced to remove her offending and illegal threat. Sadly, Ms. Buckley spent $25,000 of the taxpayers’ money because of her grave error.

And then there was the time Ms. Buckley threatened, in writing, to withhold the last paycheck from the special education teachers in the district unless they performed an extra duty of data entry by the end of the school year in June. Keith Allard, in reference to that threatening letter, stated it was not illegal to threaten an illegal act; it was only illegal to follow through with the threat.

Do these examples display a lack of ethical and moral standards held by Chairman Keith Allard and Stacy Buckley because they are but two examples among many?

Many faculty and staff in the Goffstown Schools do not wish to spend monies in order to retain their free speech rights and yet, they still have many issues which demand a moral outcry. Thank you, Guy Caron for providing an avenue for the criticisms of faculty and staff to be made public while protecting said faculty and staff from having to spend money to defend themselves from a superintendent who is all too willing to spend the taxpayers’ money by picking up the phone and calling Ed Kaplan, the SAU19 attorney, whose legal counsel is not always accurate.





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