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January 22, 2010
The School Board's Public Apology

Perhaps you have heard about the hastily-called Goffstown School Board meeting held on January 14, 2010 where Chairman Keith Allard and Superintendent Buckley led the majority of the School Board members into error when they voted to present their own budget number on the school's MS-27 form, thereby negating the work of the Goffstown Budget Committee?  (see Attempted end-run by School Board stuffed)

Well, Attorney Ed Kaplan of Sulloway and Hollis in Concord, NH publicly apologized to the Goffstown Budget Committee members on Tuesday, January 19, 2010.  

In the presentation, Kaplan stated he received a request from someone at SAU19 in regards to this legal maneuvering.  Could that someone be Stacy Buckley?  Unfortunately, for the leadership at the SAU, but fortunately for the citizens of Goffstown, Kaplan’s legal advice was wrong.

School board members Phil Pancoast, Phil Kendall, Jeff Tate, Kent Nolan and Hank Boyle are consistent “yes-men” when it comes to marching in lock-step with the erroneous leadership of Chairman Allard and Superintendent Buckley.  We need men who can think critically and independently.  We need men who will not check their intellect at the door but will be rational and use logic when considering information presented to the members.  

The school board members noted above are not earning the stipend the taxpayers pay them.  Lorry Cloutier is the only member of the school board who thinks critically and rationally.

Is it any wonder the Goffstown school board can not provide any valuable leadership to solve the communication problems the Mountain View Middle School (MVMS) administrators experience when they have communication problems of their own?  Perhaps the team from the University of New Hampshire which has been hired to lead the staff at MVMS in playing games on teacher workshop days can lead the school board in games as well. 

Let those games be geared towards thinking critically, if you please?





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