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January 8, 2010
Local residents fear reprisals

I was very disheartened with the responses I received from people when I asked them if they might go and voice their feelings about the proposed town and school budgets at the Public Hearing Wednesday night at the high school auditorium. Here are some of the reasons I was given:

  1. Yes, the taxes I'm paying NOW are killing me, never mind what I'm going to be hit with next year. But because I run a business here in town, my opinions on politics or the budgets might hurt my business.
  2. I have to work this evening so I can pay my tax bill and the other increased costs of living here.
  3. I know of some dirty dealing at the school district concerning contracts, but as a town employee, I cannot speak out;
  4. Sorry, I am housebound because I had a hip replacement last Friday.
  5. On Wednesday, I have a very hard day battling with Social Security again. I expect that I will be in no frame of mind to listen to emotional justifications for increased expenditures and expanded services at the school. I respect the work the Budget Committee has done to help restrain the budgets over the past two or three years. My wife and I are strongly considering relocating to Tennessee even thought my son and his family live in Goffstown. I cannot afford to say here in my retirement years.
  6. I will not speak against the school budget because I fear reprisal against my children who attend Goffstown schools. I have experienced the wrath of the (school) administration in the past.
  7. I have a special needs student in the Goffstown school system. I had to spend a lot of money just to get the District to provide the the services my child needs. I can't afford to have the school administration mad at me for what I say.
  8. I am an elected official in Goffstown.

Sad... very sad.




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