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November 6, 2009
The daunting 1,900-page health care bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was proud to announce that Congress has drafted a heath care package that will make its way through the legislative process.  Two thousand pages of "reform."  What a joke. 

No one in Congress could have read the bill, but you know who will be accountable: it won't be Congress (it has its own plan), but businesses across America.

Congress can blindly pass this behemoth, yet every corporation and business in our great nation will have to know and live by the details. And if they get it wrong, then the faceless, federal government will punish them.

Insurance companies, hospitals, and lenders are demonized by Congress because of supposedly tricky, hard to understand fine print and contracting, yet Congress can pass 2,000 pages of health care "reform." 

I'm sickened by where we have come in this country and where we are going.



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