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October 30, 2009
What is wrong with this picture?

Concerning Collis Adam's editorial last week about the Monty property: 

Please, Mr. Allard, tell me that this property is different from the piece your School Board tried to buy recently with with taxpayer money that was NOT available to the board to expend in that manner at that time. 

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Dan Cloutier, the Chairman ot the Budget Committee, that transaction was halted.

At that time, the price was a cool half a million dollars for 100 acres of land. A deal because that was half the original asking price. Some deal.  As I understand it, the property is landlocked and the only abutter who could possibly develop the land is the school/town at this time. We should just let Mr. Monty pay taxes on the property until the time he comes in with a reasonable price. 

Think about it: if the town/school acquired another piece of suitable parcel, Monty's land would still be sitting back there with little value to him or anyone else.  Nice open space buffering the existing high school from the residential neighbors.

Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the information provided herein; however, I believe it is not far from the truth.



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