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October 24, 2008

The financial specter of an Obama presidency

My business is in financial services.  I am licensed in 30 states.  I make no outbound calls.  People call in to us in response to our marketing wanting insurance and investment advice. 

In a normal business day I talk to 20 to 25 people across the country who are investing, moving or protecting their money.  Over the past month I have been astounded at the huge percentage of people wanting their investments to go into safe investments versus the stock market or mutual funds.  For obvious reasons, I avoid bringing any political opinions into my conversations.  

There is one overwhelming reason people are volunteering to me right now when I ask them why they are afraid of investing in the stock market.

People who have money are scared to death of a Barack Obama presidency and what his liberal, tax and spend policies would do to our economy in general and their money in particular.  Given the liberal bent of our national media, I have not seen one single pundit bring that up as a possible explanation for at least part of the stock market plunge.  

As Obama started to gain a lead in the polls, the stock market started its crash.  Just a thought.


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