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November 19, 2010
A zoo in Goffstown?

Rumor has it that a business is looking at a large piece of property in Goffstown to establish a commercial zoo. The zoo is purported to be interested in housing indigenous species, as well as two special species that roam the entire continent such as Rinos and Dinos. They are interesting to study.

The behavior of the two species is indeed very interesting, although they tend to try to mimic other species and each other. Therefore, they are very difficult to spot in the wild.

The Rinos (Republicans in name only) try to mask themselves as conservatives, but they are certainly not fiscal conservatives. They may cloak themselves in social conservatism (Gays, Guns and God) to attract votes from “special interest” groups, but they are really “big spenders” for a lot of reasons.

Do people really feel that they need/want government to enforce what responsible people do in the privacy of their homes or house of worship? Don’t NH residents want to “Live free or Die?” Having guns to protect the family from harm (from the government?) is one necessary thing, however. 

A government that will dictate personal freedoms will soon to be in a position to take all freedoms away! A person doesn’t have to be much of a historian to see this pattern in the world at large.

Many residents of Goffstown know who the Rinos are and they certainly have been plentiful. However, there is some evidence that suggests that their actual numbers may be in decline.

What can be said about Dinos (Democrats in name only)? Perhaps Chris Hedges of Truthdig is perhaps correct: “The American left is a phantom. It is conjured up by the right wing to tag Barack Obama as a socialist and used by the liberal class to justify its complacency and lethargy. It diverts attention from corporate power. It perpetuates the myth of a democratic system that is influenced by the votes of citizens, political platforms and the work of legislators. It keeps the world neatly divided into a left and a right. The phantom left functions as a convenient scapegoat. The right wing blames it for moral degeneration and fiscal chaos. The liberal class uses it to call for "moderation." And while we waste our time talking nonsense, the engines of corporate power--masked, ruthless and unexamined--happily devour the state…”

“…Wall Street's looting of the Treasury, the curtailing of our civil liberties, the millions of fraudulent foreclosures, the long-term unemployment, the bankruptcies from medical bills, the endless wars in the Middle East and the amassing of trillions in debt that can never be repaid are pushing us toward a Hobbesian world of internal collapse. Being nice and moderate will not help. These are corporate forces that are intent on reconfiguring the United States into a system of neofeudalism…” 

The entire article is well worth reading. http://www.opednews.com/articles/The-Phantom-Left-by-Chris-Hedges-101101-180.html 

The above isn’t a criticism of capitalism at all. The U.S. doesn’t have capitalism! The U.S. has an errant, predatory form of corporatism that kills the true form of capitalism where the “invisible hand” of the free marketplace determines interest rates, prices, who sells what to whom and creates real jobs!

What does it does it matter to people if the left foot of a Dino or the right foot of a Rino flattens them – flattened is flattened?! Some choice! There needs to be another option! People need to create one!

I just thought that you had a “Right to Know (R2K).” 

Posted 11/16/2010, 9:32 AM

"The people of New Hampshire have spoken and they are demanding results. They want less spending, lower taxes and smaller government. A super majority of Republicans in the House will not guarantee the people's conservative mandate will become reality. In 2002, the House, had a similar majority but accomplished very little. A golden opportunity was squandered by poor leadership and little regard and respect for new House members. We have a second chance to deliver to the great people of New Hampshire what they elected us to do. To accomplish this we cannot repeat the mistakes made just six short years ago. We need real conservatives who are true to their word and will guard both the New Hampshire Constitution and the many conservative values that make our state the greatest in the nation. More importantly, place the right people in the right places based on qualifications, dedication and enthusiasm. After sitting through two torturous years with a completely irresponsible democrat legislature and hearing of the past with a turncoat republican majority, I will assure you that I will not sell out you or anyone else for the rewards of personal gain or party victory. I know that I will stay focused, not get discouraged, and won't give up, no matter what. The perfect storm has just begun.

John H

Posted 11/15/2010, 8:53 PM

"Did you ever wonder how James Carville and Mary Matalin got along?  How is it that an article about reducing the size of government spending and control is perceived as anti-conservative?  Kind of makes one wonder whether some so-called conservatives are actually for reducing the size of government or not!


Posted 11/15/2010, 6:47 PM

"So, Ivan.  Rhinos are real and dinos are not.  Sorry.  This piece makes no sense and is just another screed against conservatives.  I guess that Carol Shea-Pelosi sign in front of your house was also "phantom."  You leave me wondering.

John C








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