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November 13,, 2009
Let's party on, Goffstown!

Is there really any reason to control spending in Goffstown?  There is an unlimited supply of property tax dollars that can be had just for the taking. 

Of course, it would really be nice if that money tree that only grows along the Potomac River in Washington, D.C. would grow in Goffstown. What the heck, one source is enough.

Unfortunately, there is one problem: As Washington, D.C. “prints” as much money as it wants to satisfy everyone, its value will go down because of that ornery, doesn’t go away, law of supply and demand. All other things being equal, supply and demand determines the value of things – money included.

When the money supply excessively increases (for whatever reason), its purchasing power goes down and prices start to go up…it is commonly called INFLATION.

When there is excessive inflation in the money supply, prices go up because the dollar is losing value (purchasing power).

When prices go up workers look for raises, companies raise their prices, costs go up and NH towns raise their property taxes to accommodate rising budgets. 

Taxpayers generally don’t object because they feel wealthier as the “price” of their property and stock holdings go up in price also-it makes it easy to borrow more money.

Then there is that old standby of big government ready, willing and able to “print” as much money as necessary to keep prices from dropping through the process of inflation.

So, PARTY ON!!  I just thought that you had the Right to Know.




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