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September 4, 2009
Stop Congress' health care grab
By THOMAS AKIN, North Hampton, NH

Look at the records of the government run agencies. The Department of Energy was established when the country was dependent on foreign oil for 20 percent of our needs. Since then we have had no refineries built, no new nuclear power plants built, and no new wells drilled to lessen our dependence which is now at 70 percent.

In addition the Congress is enacting legislation for a tax scheme of "cap and trade" carbon emissions based on the completely discredited global warming hoax.

The Department of Education has spent billions of tax dollars since its founding and test scores for public education students have been in a downward spiral, despite "dumbing down" the tests to try to hide the facts. We now have high school "graduates" who cannot make change for a dollar.

Even the post office is a black hole into which millions of tax dollars disappear while private companies can make a profit. U.S. Postal Service managers earn big bonuses.

Now the Congress wants to take over the best health care industry in the world and "fix" it. Any congressman or congresswoman who votes for any such a scheme should not have to be voted out of office in the next election. They should be recalled and removed from office.

E-, ail, fax, telephone, or mail a post card and tell your representatives to vote no on government regulating health care or some day a few years from now your doctor may tell you that the life saving treatment you need has a waiting list. You are classified D-4 by a civil servant in Washington D.C. which means a two year delay.

Think it can't happen? It is an every day experience in England, Germany, France where they already have the system being pushed through the Congress by the bureaucrats who will be able to keep their gold-plated health coverage.

Make your voice heard. You have much to lose if you do not. Visit HEALTHCARE.CATO.ORG and then call your congressman or congresswoman. They are in the phone book under U.S. Government.




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