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April 2, 2010
Congratulations to Carl Quiram

It gives us great pleasure to announce that
Carl Quiram, Director of the Goffstown Public Works Department, has been selected by the American Public Works Association (APWA) as a 2010 Top Ten Public Works Leader of the Year.

This award recognizes the outstanding career service achievements of individual public works professionals in both the public and private sectors.  Since its inception in 1960, this award has become universally recognized in the profession and carries with it a level of prestige that distinguishes it as one of the highest level individual awards from the APWA.

Carl's name can now be counted among an elite of public works professionals who have been recognized for excellence, and are the best and brightest leaders in the profession.

There is no greater honor than being recognized by one's peers, as only they are truly knowledgeable of one's accomplishments.  It's nice to see Carl's efforts, professionalism and accomplishments have been cited by such a prestigious group. 

Thank you, Carl, for your enduring service to our community, and kudos for the well-deserved recognition this award brings you.  



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