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March 26, 2010
ObamaCare: The Inauguration of American Socialism

Barack Obama has finally succeeded in his promise to deliver "change we can believe in."  His colossal and blatant display of arrogance against the will of the majority of Americans is stupefying beyond all logic and reason.

Obama's agenda is clearly to continue his strident march toward big government and socialistic control of American society in complete contradiction of our constitutional principles.  Not only is his political philosophy perverted, but the means by which his minions (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, etc.) have corrupted and compromised the legislative process is, if not illegal, shameful, heavy-handed and disgusting.

This health care legislation marks a dark day in American history because of its poorly conceived and hugely unpopular contents.  It is a large step away from our fundamental American values, down a treacherous path toward government domination and a loss of personal liberty and freedom.

We can only hope that a conservative Republican resurgence will repeal Obama's health care fiasco and correct our nation's course.  Our children, grandchildren and future generations deserve no less.



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