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March 12, 2010
Thank you Vivian Blondeau
Outgoing BOS member deserves recognition

Last week, voters chose from two declared candidates and an 11th hour write in campaign by local businessman Steve Pascucci to fill two openings on the Goffstown Board of Selectmen.  Of those three candidates, only Scott Gross was an incumbent.  As such, the board will, for the third time in six years, be injected with new blood. 

Unfortunately, Vivian Blondeau did not seek re-election this year.  Her service to our community over the past several years cannot be overlooked.

Goffstown owes many thanks to Vivian for her dedication and diligent efforts in serving the best interests of its residents.  She has, to the best of her ability, help navigate the Board of Selectmen through some particularly difficult times and issues, and done so with decorum and professionalism.

The steadfast zeal and dedication Ms. Blondeau consistently applied towards serving the best interests of our community will be sorely missed.

Thank you, Vivian, for your past service to Goffstown, and good luck in your future endeavors.



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