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March 8, 2010
Gross and Pierce turn deaf ears to taxpayers
Voting records speak for themselves

Selectman Scott Gross and former Budget Committee member are, for all intents and purposes, running unopposed tomorrow for two positions on the Board of Selectmen.  Other than a rogue challenge from local businessman Steve Pascucci, their elections are almost guaranteed.

So what can we expect from these two if they are elected?  Plenty of spending.

Of the two, Pierce is the most dangerous.  While on the Budget Committee, he consistently voted for increased spending virtually across the board.  

And Pierce not only turned a deaf ear to the plight of Goffstown taxpayers by voting against the Budget Committee's recommended operating budgets for both the town and the school, he ignored the record turnout at school deliberative session and the failed attempt to raise the budget by again voting NOT to recommend the Budget Committee's operating budget following the deliberative session.

As for Gross, we already know what he's responsible for:  An increase of over $480,000 to the Budget Committee's recommended operating budget. 

Hang on to your wallets, friends.  With these two on the Board of Selectmen alongside Phil D'Avanza and Steve Fournier, things are only going to get worse - much worse.

Our sympathies go out to selectman Nick Campasano, the only selectman who seems to truly care about taxpayers and the difficult times they are facing.


There are two things taxpayers can take solace in:

  1. Perhaps, just perhaps, by voting for Steve Pascucci and NOT casting a second vote for with Gross or Pierce, there is an outside chance that a mathematical advantage for Pascucci might result in keeping one of the other two out of office. 
  2. Elect fiscal conservatives to the Budget Committee!  They are:

      • Ivan Beliveau (Incumbent)
      • John Burt
      • John Dillon
      • William Bates (as write in for 3 years, NOT as a candidate for 2 years)

      • Paul Augros

It's up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for what has happened in our town and school departments and exercise our right to vote!

As we saw at the Town Deliberative Session on March 3rd, a single vote CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!






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