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March 4, 2010
Bill Bates needs our help
Don't vote for him for 2 years, write him in for 3 years.

On Tuesday, conservative Goffstown voters will be faced with an interesting dilemma.

There are five open positions on the Budget Committee.  Four of them are for 3 years, and one of them is for 2 years.

There are three excellent choices running for the four 3-year positions.  They are incumbent Ivan Beliveau and newcomers John Dillon and John Burt.  I strongly recommend voters support all three of them on March 9th.

This will leave one other 3-year position to fill.

I urge you NOT to vote for either of the remaining two candidates, Jennifer Getchel and Dorine Olson.  Ms. Getchel never showed up at Candidate's Night, nor did she submit a written statement.  Apparently, she hasn't much interest.  Neither do I.  And if you check Dorine Olson's voting record, you'll note that she as never seen a spending proposal she didn't like. Her re-election will only cost us all more in taxes. 

Instead, write in William Bates for the fourth 3-year position.

Why write him in when he's already running for the 2-year position?  Because only one can be elected for the 2-year spot.

There are three excellent candidates for Budget Committee running for the 2-year position as well.  The problem is, the three candidates running for that single, 2-year position are now inadvertently running against each other.  It is unfortunate for Goffstown that we cannot elect them all. 

Bill Bates is one of those candidates.  Paul Augros and incumbent Enid Mackenzie are the others.

Bill Bates has impressed me during every conversation we've had.  He is one of my top choices for Budget Committee.  Mr. Bates is also a solid supporter of his 'opponent', Mr. Augros.  So am I.

Unfortunately, both cannot be elected for the two-year position.

Mr. Bates understands the importance of getting both himself and Mr. Augros elected.  So he has decided to put the best interests of Goffstown taxpayers ahead of his own by asking all of us to write him in for the 3-year position instead of voting for him for the 2-year spot.  

He is doing this for two reasons: 1) he hopes, of course, to be elected in order to serve our community, and 2) to help ensure that Mr. Augros gets elected as well.  

This is an incredibly unselfish act on Mr. Bates' part, and proof of his dedication and commitment to the taxpayers of Goffstown, and their best interests.

Let's help him get elected so that after he does, he can help us

Please write-in Bill Bates for the 3-year position on the Budget Committee, and vote for Paul Augros for the 2-year position.





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