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January 22, 2010
Spending, not revenue, is the problem

Goffstown's financial health is deteriorating because we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Spending is out of control.

The solution is to reduce spending or increase revenue, or both. Unfortunately, our elected officials, especially the school board, seem incapable of reducing spending, and their solution (raising taxes again) does not necessarily increase revenue; it almost invariably lowers revenue.

We must spur economic growth by lowering taxes.  We can lower taxes by providing incentives for businesses to move to Goffstown.  Former President Ronald Reagan's tax cuts produced the greatest economic expansion in history.  Reagan also knew how to deal with bloated union contracts.  When the air traffic controller's union wouldn't play ball and threatened to strike, Reagan fired them all, then rehired those who wanted their jobs back as non-union employees. 

The same thing can work in Goffstown.

The difficulty will lie in preventing the town and the schools from outspending the inevitable corresponding increase in revenue.  With the March vote right around the corner, perhaps it is time to get new blood on the school board and board of selectmen. 

Why not consider running for office yourself?  The town can certainly use the help - and the change.




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