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January 22, 2010
Goffstown's chance to learn from Massachusetts

On Tuesday night, Massachusetts voters sent a clear and firm message to Washington politicians, the Obama administration and liberal spenders everywhere:  Enough is enough. The well is dry.

In a stunning election result, republican Scott Brown was swept into office on a fiscally conservative platform in a state long known as a bastion of high taxes, corrupt politicians, liberal policies and reckless spending, winning a senate seat held by liberal democrats since 1972.

So what lessons can Goffstown taxpayers learn from this historic event?

There are many.  To begin with, your votes counts.  Voter turnout on Tuesday approached record levels, a sign of unrest and dissatisfaction with what had been the 'status quo'.  Can any of you say you're content with maintaining the status quo in Goffstown right now?  Unless voters get out to the polls, the status quo will remain again this year, i.e., runaway spending and higher taxes.  MUCH higher taxes.

Another lesson we can learn from Brown's victory is that we must take advantage of our constitutional rights to change existing policies and remove those individuals from office who place their own interests ahead of ours, replacing both with representatives and policies that are in the best interests of the taxpayers, not those individuals, boards and committees.

So who do we accomplish this?  Get out and VOTE.

Two members of the Board of Selectmen are up for re-election in March.  Are you satisfied with the job they've done?  Have they voted in your best interests on issues that affect your taxes?  Has your town tax rate gone up under their leadership, and if so, are you better off for it?

There are three members of the free-spending School Board up for re-election as well.  Two of them, Phil Kendall and Jeff Tate, have voted time and time again in support of spending policies that have continually raised your school taxes, and are about to send them skyrocketing next year if they are not stopped next week at school deliberative session on February 1st.  Of this group, only Lorry Cloutier has shown fiscal restraint and responsibility, not to mention the best interests of the taxpayers and a whole lot of common sense.

And let's not forget a few other boards and committees with upcoming openings.  

There will be five openings on the Budget Committee.  Two members up for re-election, Dorine Olson and David Pierce, are well-known heavy spenders.  Have you looked into how they have voted on fiscal issues that have, and will, put a huge dent in your savings accounts - if you have any savings left at all?

And what about our Planning Board?  There are lots of openings there.  Perhaps replacing some of the current members with people who will actually attempt to stimulate the growth of new business in Goffstown for a change to help increase business tax revenue and lower residential property taxes isn't such a bad idea.

But none of the changes Goffstown so desperately needs in our leadership can take place unless we all learn a good lesson from what the voters of Massachusetts have taught us:  We can stop reckless, out of control spending and change what seems unchangeable if we simply put our minds to it.

Forget the status quo in Goffstown.  We need elected officials who are fiscal conservatives and not stuck in a "business as usual" mindset.  

So get out and attend the school deliberative session on February 1st and the town deliberative session on February 3rd.  And most importantly, be sure to vote on March 9th.




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