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November 13, 2009
Health Care bill will break the budget

Late Saturday night the U.S. Congress approved the most poorly written, complicated, complex and bloated piece of legislation to cross the House floor. Then everyone, except the Republicans, cheered as if they had done something wonderful. They had just cut senior citizens' medical care by $500 billion and cheered. Most didn't read the bill, they just voted as they were told to by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

None of the statistics spewed out regarding the uninsured in this country are surprising, neither do they provide justification for the socialistic, health care "reform" forced upon us by the House Speaker and her cronies. Before Franklin D. Roosevelt planted the seed concept of "general welfare" in the brains of Americans, such general welfare was provided by private citizens, churches and other charitable groups.

Helping out your fellow citizen whether providing health care, helping someone find a job or the myriads of other ways in which we can help our fellow man should be done as our conscience dictates, not as Congress dictates; these are two vastly different concepts. The former does not infringe on individual freedoms or force us into a socialistic system, but the latter infringes on individual freedom and personal choice and flies in the face of the principles upon which this country was founded.

Americans deserve a better effort than was put into this budget-breaking piece of junk. A subject this important and complex deserves to be done properly and accepted by Americans who will have to pay for it.

The nation should be outraged at elected representatives for drafting this bill and they should be ashamed they voted for it.



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