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October 16, 2009
A Nobel Prize for disturbing U.S. peace

Ten days after President Barack Obama took office he was nominated for, and later given the Nobel Prize for his anti-American world tour on the "Blame America First" bus.

The president's great socialist agenda to weaken America and put us in our place of compliance with Third-World dictators has been widely applauded on the world stage of anti-freedom dictators and socialists/communists around the planet.

When is this dog and pony show going to stop?  First, Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize and now Mr. Obama.  What has either done to ensure peace and tranquility rather than stir up dissension and dissent? 

Since he became our supreme ruler he has only disturbed the peace.  Our country is in a state of unrest, strife and ennui as it's spiraling out of control. What has this man done to maintain or restore peace? 

He has tried to change everything that didn't need changing, disparaged us while making speeches in other countries, placed czars of questionable character in the White House and let his insatiable ego supersede common sense.

When you look at the list of recent prior recipients such as President Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, it is clear that left-wing politics and blaming America are the deciding factors used by the leftists in Oslo for making their One-World, New Order statement.



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