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October 9, 2009
What next from our SAU Superintendent?

Earlier this year, School Superintendent Ms. Stacey Buckley used the extensive SAU e-mail distribution list to urge the readership to turn out at a town wide meeting "to support the school budget" - a very serious misuse of school resources for a political purpose (see related articles below).  School Board Chairman Keith Allard was also a primary party in this action as he publicly apologized for the e-mail as well as the Superintendent (see Allard's statement below).

Recently, Ms. Buckley wrote up a teacher for going against policy; however, under oath, showed again that she had very little working knowledge of policy and procedures. She was messing with the career of a professional teacher without a firm grasp of policies and procedures she is charged with enforcing!

For both of these important cases, the Goffstown School Board ultimately decided that the policies needed "a little tightening up", and that's about all. 

Instead of Buckley getting the pay raise I expect she will get, both she and the Chairman of the School Board should step aside and take one unnamed principal along with them.  

Let's get the schools and the district back in order before these two set more examples of misconduct for the kiddies.


  • SAU Superintendent Apologizes for Improper Email (Union Leader, January 20, 2009)
  • Statement by Keith Allard, January 19, 2009
  • Statement by Stacy Buckley, January 19, 2009



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