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September 18, 2009
Obamacare: First the spin, now the truth...

The president is right.  No "death panels" are in the Health care bill.

But there is the concept, and a perception, of death panels in the House health care bill that could become "death panels" like the panel in the United Kingdom's health care system.

Obama should understand that this bill has within it the formation of more than 50 different groups, panels, board, commissioners, administrators and committees that have power to set "policies."  These groups do not have a clear limitation of powers or a clear definition of authority.  These groups can define "acceptable" health benefits, approve or disapprove insurance group coverage, define "affordable coverage" and so on.

Now, combine the formation of these groups with statements that the president made about the possibility of alternative solutions for terminally ill people.  Then look at what some of Obama's 'czars', who advise the president, have previously advocated: the redistribution of health care to those who will contribute the most to society (those between the age of 16 and 40 years of age).  Also, some have contended there should be forced sterilization and abortion, which would reduce our carbon footprint and health care costs.

Then Medicare would cut costs by $500 billion. There is also a requirement in the bill that has a person counseling the elderly every five years about end-of-life issues. 

Is it too far-fetched to see this "counseling" moving toward a more "economical" solution than toward a concern for quality of life?

You have all this and a Congress that thinks it knows better than its constituents how they should live their lives; it is no wonder there is a perception of a death panel in the health care bill.



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