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September 18, 2009
Buckley shows little policy knowledge

In my mind, the Superintendent of Schools is, in part, the Chief Policy and Procedure Enforcement Officer for our school district.  However small that part may be, it is an extremely critical component of the position. 

On the evening of 9/15/2009, Superintendent of Schools Ms. Stacey Buckley demonstrated repeatedly under oath during a televised public Level 3 discipline hearing just how painfully little working knowledge of the policies and procedures she actually has.  I do not expect that she should be able to quote them word-of-word; however, I do expect a much higher level of competence than I observed that night.  I expect a person in that position to be an accomplished professional.

I lay the blame for the selection and continued support of Ms. Stacey Buckley as the Superintendent of Schools squarely on the shoulders of the Goffstown School Board. 

I am outraged and I hope you are as well.  I choose to publish my name on this editorial. 

I am Bill Gordon. 



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