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April 17, 2009
Keep an eye on Gross and Fournier

I think it would be best for the voters of Goffstown keep a close eye on the conduct of this Board of Selectmen (BOS), particularly Mr. Gross and Mr. Fournier.áá

Consider this for example.  At the BOS meetings the last two weeks, the BOS was considering the recommendation of the Conservation Commission for their annual appointment of commission members.á

Three people were recommended for reappointment as full members, folks with a combined experience on the commission totaling more that 25 years.  These are active, experienced, and trained people who have dedicated a good portion of their private lives in service to the community.á

Now comes Gross, backed by Fournier, suggesting that two of the three be "demoted" to non-voting alternate members.  Their reasoning?  Well, the commission needs "new blood".  What???

The BOS (read Gross and Fournier) also suggest that they "interview" members who are recommended for appointment.  And just what kinds of questions about environmental resources would these two insurance guys be asking of trained and experienced individuals?á

It is not like our town has a glut of people beating down the doors to volunteer to serve on our various boards and commissions, yet here is an example of a solid and dedicated group.  What kind of message would Gross and Fournier be sending future potential volunteers if those volunteers know that they will only be "allowed" to serve at their whim?á

I have a lot of years on the commission and enjoy serving the community in this capacity because of the quality of people who make up the commission.  However, if this commission is gutted due to the heavy handed politics of Gross and Fournier they can expect my resignation post haste.



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