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March 13, 2009
Voter turnout worst in 5 years
Voters show incredible apathy:  A paltry 13.5% come out to vote

To the 1,794 residents who voted on March 10th, we say Thank You. Your interest and involvement in our community is commendable.á

As for the rest of you...

We are amazed at the apathy of the other 11,511 registered voters who on March 10th failed to show up at the polls, or even vote by absentee ballot.  Voter turnout was a paltry 13.5%, the worst in at least five years. Certainly some of you had valid reasons such as illness, travel, transportation, etc. But 11,511 of you?

Was it just too much trouble, or do you have inexhaustible supplies of money?

Maybe you just figured your vote wouldn't have made a difference. Maybe you're just not interested in your own community, or your own wallet. 

Don't any of you have an opinion on any of the grave issues facing all of us?  Don't you care about what's going on all around you?  Many of you vote in primary and presidential elections - why not do the same and vote on things going on in your own backyard?

We're stunned at the apathy and indifference you exhibited on Tuesday.  Maybe all of you should simply un-register yourselves as voters.  At least that's one way to raise the turnout percentage.

You do, however, have one thing in common with those of us who cared enough about our community to head to the polls last Tuesday:  Our taxes are going up once again.



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