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October 30, 2008

Kenney the right choice for Governor

Homegrown New Hampshire state Senator Joe Kenney is the right choice as Republican nominee for governor to take on the liberal, tax and spend, deficit building, nanny state, rights infringing Democrat John Lynch.

Joe Kenney has been in state politics for 14 years and is a former Marine. While in the senate and also being an active Marine reservist Joe Kenney was called to duty and served two tours in Iraq where he still managed to work on senate business, when he had the chance, from a laptop in Iraq.

While in the Marines he achieved the rank of Lt. Col proving that he unlike John Lynch, is a leader.

Joe Kenney will be fiscally responsible in a manner that Lynch only can lie about. His first statement after filing for governor proves this. He agreed to a spending cap on his campaign while challenging teflon John to do the same. Lynch refused. No surprise there.

Here is where he sees New Hampshire going under Lynch and where he wants to bring New Hampshire:

”I see our state drifting away, turning into northern Massachusetts,” he said. “Someone has got to take on John Lynch, and I can’t think of any other, better person than a United States Marine who grew up in New Hampshire.”

“Let’s Keep New Hampshire, New Hampshire.”

Let’s keep New Hampshire, New Hampshire is his campaign slogan and this is music to my ears. Here is his position on a few other issues:

Kenney vowed to privatize Cannon Mountain, to remove the state from a New England compact on carbon emissions and to push for a full-service veterans hospital in New Hampshire. Above all, Kenney said he would cut spending; asked to specify how, Kenney noted “special interest pieces” of the state’s $10.3 billion two-year budget and named LCHIP, the $12 million state fund for preserving historic and natural sites.

Kenney criticized Lynch for pushing the Legislature to let him bond $80 million in school building aid to balance the state budget. The issue wasn’t properly vetted, Kenney said, and “never had a public hearing.”

“It never was editorialized,” Kenney said. “That’s not how we do things here in New Hampshire. We air things out.”

That wasn’t how we used to do things in New Hampshire until John Lynch took over. Lynch's M.O. is to hide his position on any legislation until it passes and then he will either veto or sign it. The best example of this was during the civil unions debate. During this debate Lynch refused to give a position, but once the bill passed he called up a few supporters just one hour before he signed it because he was too chicken shit to face any protesters that might gather. That is not leadership. It will be nice to get the transparency back in New Hampshire politics as well as some leadership.

We also vows to take a more hands on approach than Governor Lynch.

If elected, Kenney vowed to be more “hands-on” and not delegate authority to people who lack experience.

“He basically is allowing his commissioners, who are very inexperienced, to carry out their departments,”

When asked about the biggest difference between he and Governor Lynch, Joe Kenney replied “I’m a leader. Gov. Lynch is not.”

So without further ado and to the surprise of nobody, we endorse Joe Kenney for Governor of New Hampshire. 

To read more about Joe Kenney please visit his website.

Let’s Keep New Hampshire, New Hampshire



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