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October 24, 2008

Barack Obama frighteningly unqualified

Democrats, along with their pals in the liberal media in this country, are focused lately on Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin's lack of qualifications to be vice president.  They cleverly fail to mention that Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton also had no foreign policy experience before they were elected to president.

Palin's running for vice president.  Spare us their "heartbeat away from the presidency" argument when Obama's inexperienced heart may soon be beating as president.  

The media should be focusing on Obama's inexperience to be Commander in Chief, not Palin's.  For starters, out of his three and one half years in the Senate, he has been on the job only 140 days and spent most of his time running for president.  He has never run anything in his life and we are expected to trust him with the U.S. government?  It also means that he has less experience governing that Gov. Palin.

Additionally, he has exhibited questionable judgment in his associations.  He claims that he never heard his former preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright give one of his anti-America speeches, yet went to that church more than 500 times.  Sure, Barack.  Wright must check to see if he's coming before preparing his sermon.

Obama also claims that he only knows William Ayres through a Board that they sit on together. We know something about Boards, and one gets to know the people on them very well, yet Obama never resigned when he found out about Ayres' past. 

We all know about the Resko deal, and ACORN, which has been indicted for voter fraud.  He was their attorney.  So Obama's judgment regarding associations is very suspect and one that he avoided with generalities by asking how he could be held responsible for what they do?  

Do you really want this guy picking the next cabinet?  Or making decisions concerning our national security?

Worse yet, his proposed policies on taxes and healthcare are flat-out lies.  To begin with, 95 percent of Americans don't pay taxes, only about 65 percent do.  Obama's proposal is a socialist income redistribution scheme that can only be funded by tax increases higher than he has stated.  Likewise for health care - the money is just not there.  Obama claims he will take out waste from the budget on a line by line basis, but last I checked, U.S. presidents still do not have a line item veto. 

Folks, this dangerous man is all smoke and mirrors.  The media needs to expose this because if elected, Obama's heart will be beating as president, and it's in the wrong place for Americans. 

Our country is in the middle of two wars and an economic collapse initiated by Obama's own party, and never in the history of the United States has a less qualified candidate ever been nominated by a major party with fewer credentials or a weaker claim to the presidency and more doubts as to his core beliefs than his highness, Mr. Barack Obama.

He is simply not qualified to be president.


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