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October 17, 2008

Carol Shea-Porter a Pelosi lapdog

It could hardly be more official: Carol Shea-Porter is a guaranteed “yes” vote for Nancy Pelosi.  The Washington Post has calculated that Shea-Porter has voted with Pelosi 98 percent of the time.

On the other hand, Jeb Bradley voted with Republican leadership less than 90 percent of the time, yet Shea-Porter calls him a Bush lapdog? 

In fact, Shea-Porter vote with Nancy Pelosi far more than Bradley voted with President Bush or Republican House leadership.  By Shea-Porter’s own standard, that would make her a lapdog for the Democratic leadership and Nancy Pelosi. 

We hardly think Nancy Pelosi’s agenda is the one most New Hampshire residents would support anywhere close to 98 percent of the time. 

But Shea-Porter does. 


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