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September 4, 2008

Pam Manney is the right choice

Pam Manney (R), a current New Hampshire state legislator and candidate for County Commissioner of Hillsborough County, District 3, is a Goffstown resident in need of our support. 

Of the twenty-five towns comprising Hillsborough County District 3, Goffstown ranks 2nd in size behind Merrimack. We need Goffstown, and area towns such as Weare and New Boston, to support the home-town candidate.

Pam Manney has the experience and dedication to best serve the County as its Commission. And we are not the only ones who believe that. Manney's fellow NH House members have publicly endorsed her as well, despite the fact that her opponent, Carol Holden, is the incumbent.

To this endorsement, Manney responded, “I am honored to be endorsed by such a distinguish group of people who know what it is to work hard on behalf of their constituents.” 

The following NH House members publicly endorse Manney for County Commissioner of Hillsborough County, District 3:
  • Rep. Neal Kurk – Weare
  • Rep. Robert L’Heureux – Merrimack
  • Rep. Ryan Hansen – Milford
  • Rep. Peyton Hinkle - Merrimack
  • Rep. Al Baldasaro - Londonderry
  • Hon. Nelson Allan – Nashua
  • Hon. Robert Mead – Mont Vernon
  • Hon. William O’Brien – Mont Vernon
  • Rep. Connie Soucy - Manchester
  • Rep. Gary Hopper - Weare
  • Rep. Howie Lund – Derry
  • Rep. Jayne Spaulding – Bedford
  • Rep. Jordan Ulery – Hudson
  • Rep. Ken Hawkins – Bedford
  • Rep. Larry A. Emerton - Goffstown
  • Rep. Lynne Ober - Hudson
  • Rep. Marshall “Lee” Quandt - Exeter
  • Rep. Matt Quandt - Exeter
  • Rep. Moe Villeneuve – Bedford
  • Rep. Norm Major – Plaistow
  • Rep. Peter Goyette - Hudson
  • Rep. Richard Fletcher - Goffstown
  • Rep. Rip Holden – Goffstown
  • Rep. Robert Haefner - Hudson
  • Rep. Russell Day - Goffstown
  • Rep. Russell Ober - Hudson
  • Rep. Sandra Reeves – Manchester
  • Rep. Shawn Jasper - Hudson
  • Rep. Will Infantine – Manchester

Manney is also endorsed by:

  • Judith McDonald, Nashua; retiring Registrar of Deeds
  • Nick Campasano, Goffstown; Deputy Fire Chief, Manchester
  • Claira Monier, Goffstown; retired head of NH Finance Authority
  • Arlene Burns, Goffstown; former NH Senate Chief of Staff
  • Marshall Cobleigh, Manchester, former Speaker of the House
  • Keith Allard, Goffstown; Chair, Goffstown School Board
  • Guy Caron, Goffstown; Chair, Goffstown Residents Association
  • Paula Martel, Dunbarton
  • Robert Martel, Dunbarton
  • John Hikel, Goffstown
  • Harvey Clement, Goffstown
  • Justin Gurksnis, Weare
  • Frances Leitgeb, Weare
  • Bill Gordon, Goffstown

Pam Manney has a long history of public service to Goffstown community, and she needs help from volunteers at the polls and people to make Get Out The Vote phone calls, and to spread the word.

Please support Pam Manney for County Commissioner of Hillsborough County, District 3 on Tuesday, Sept. 9th.


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