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April 11, 2008

No Pledge?  No Thanks.


The idea of having future political candidates NOT taking the Pledge – think about what has happened in New Jersey.

The State of New Jersey has the highest real estate taxes in the United States – and New Jersey also has a state income tax. Oh yeah, and New Jersey has a sales tax, too. And certain NH politicians are now talking about how much money gambling casinos will bring into New Hampshire. 

Being a former New Jersey resident, I can remember, when all the N.J. politicians could talk about was how much more money the state would realize in revenues if they had gambling casinos in Atlantic City.

Well, it’s been quite a few years since those money-making casinos were built in Atlantic City. Atlantic City, once a beautiful seaside resort, is now mostly a slum – except for the area where the casinos are. 
And guess what – New Jersey at one time was giving its drivers free E-Z pass transponders ….. and now the NJ governor has added a $1 a month surcharge. FREE?? And New Jersey is now trying to find another source of revenue because they’re saying they need more money.

Not take the Pledge? I think that the people who are pushing for ‘not taking the pledge’ truly believe that another tax will decrease their real estate taxes. 

Give me a break – it’s just another way for people who already have lots of money to make more. And you know who’s going to pay for it !!!



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