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Another great job by DPW
Crews expertly handled record snowfalls
January 25, 2008

To those of us traveling through Goffstown last month, a record snowfall total of 44.5" was barely noticed thanks to the professionals over at Goffstown's Department of Public Works.

Working dilligently through one snowstorm after another last month, as well as two major storms on January 1st and 4th, DPW crews kept our roads clear and safe with constant plowing and salting day and night. Often giving up evenings and weekends - not to mention New Year's Eve and New Year's Day - crews put forth their usual impressive efforts to insure safe travel on our roads. Also impressive was their quick work in clearing our sidewalks, a process made more difficult than usual by the immense quantities of snow and the frequency of storms.

The results of their efforts are greatly appreciated, but should come as no surprise when considering their performance during the floods of 2006 and 2007.

Nice job once again, folks. Keep up the great work.



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