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Where in the world is Scott "Ghost"?
Freshman selectman Gross misses two consecutive meetings (again), four of last eleven
October 19, 2007
Has anyone seen first-term selectman Scott Gross lately?  We certainly haven't, at least not at the last two meetings of Goffstown's board of selectmen.  Of late, Mr. Gross has been a ghost.

Since the new board took over on March 19th, selectmen have held 17 meetings.  Mr. Gross has been absent for six of those meetings, and on two occasions missed two meetings in a row.  

And during one four-week period this summer, he missed three of four meetings.

By comparison, chairman John Caprio has missed only 3 meetings since March, Phil D'Avanza has attended all but two, and selectmen Vivian Blondeau and Nick Campasano have each been absent only once.  And none, other than Mr. Gross, missed consecutive meetings.

We certainly understand the demands on personal time that come with job of being a selectman in Goffstown, and we commend individuals such as these for their efforts and dedication in working towards the betterment of Goffstown.

But serving the community and representing the best interests of the voters cannot be done in absentia.  

Realistically, missing a meeting or two here an there is not only understandable, it should be expected.  But currently we are in the midst of budget season in Goffstown, and for Mr. Gross to suddenly disappear during such a crucial and important time of the year is, to us, unacceptable.

Mr. Gross not only served on the budget committee last year as the school board's representative, he is also currently the board of selectmen's representative on that same budget committee.  As such, his past experience in helping to shape the town budget is not only needed, it is expected by those who voted him into office to represent their best interests.  Indeed, he campaigned on his past experience in this very area.

During his absences, Mr. Gross has missed some very important votes.  And now, perhaps more than at any other time of the year, Goffstown needs a full board to work together not only on our current budgeting process, but on the many other serious issues the town will be facing in the very near future.

We believe Mr. Gross needs to make a greater effort in discharging his responsibilities as an elected official who holds a very prominent and important office in Goffstown, and move forward in serving those who helped him attain that office. 

You're not batting in the DH spot, Scott.  Rather, you're part of the starting lineup now, and your team needs you out on the field.  It's time to step up to the plate and get back in the game.



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