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Kudos to the Solid Waste Commission
October 12, 2007
As we all know, recycling has been a hot topic in Goffstown this year.  There have been attacks on the town's current single-stream program as well as individual members of the Solid Waste Commission, and rumblings about pay-as-you-throw.  Throughout all of this, Fred Plett, chairman of the Solid Waste Commission, has kept a steady hand on the tiller, running an informative, regular series of letters to the Goffstown News on recyclable items.

The current single-stream program, started in August of 2004, makes use of our well-known "big blue" containers that allow the intermingling of recyclable items and eliminate the need for residents to separate recyclables as in the past. 

Since that time, Goffstown's recycling program has developed into one of the finest and most comprehensive recycling programs in New Hampshire.  Indeed, from the program's inception, recycling in Goffstown has risen from 17% to nearly 30%.

And now, thanks to Mr. Plett and the rest of the Commission, it just got even better.

Goffstown's contract with its current recycling provider, Haycore of Quebec, Canada, expires at the end of this year.  A one-year extension was set to cost $95,000.  The commission, after much study, solicited competing bids (through DPW) and negotiated terms for a new, three-year contract with Integrated Paper Recyclers (IPR), of Woburn, MA.  That contract will save taxpayers more than $100,000 annually. 

In addition, the commission expects the town to actually realize revenue of approximately $13,000 from selling its recyclables to IPR.  Added to the $95,000 realized by not extending the current contract with Haycore, taxpayers will be saving $108,000. 

We urge all residents to increase your recycling efforts.  The more you recycle, the higher our new-found revenue will go - not to mention the good you will do for our environment.

And many thanks are due Mr. Plett and the rest of the Solid Waste Commission for their diligence and dedication in turning what was once an expense to taxpayers into actual profits. 

Nicely done, folks.  



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