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Bartlett Elementary PTA does it right
April 18, 2007

The Bartlett Elementary School PTA has come up with a great approach for improving the school's playground.  Instead of asking for more taxpayer money, the PTA is planning to raise the needed funds through private donations.

The PTA has created a subcommittee, Helping Our Playground Evolve (HOPE) to function as a non-profit fund-raiser.  Estimates for improving the playground are said to run between $60,000 and $80,000.  HOPE has already raised $8,000.

According to
HOPE chairman Holly Tate, the playground is rotting and sinking into the ground. The group hopes to rebuild it with new equipment that encourages children to be more physically active.

We are impressed that the PTA has resisted asking for taxpayer monies to make the improvements, and instead is raising the needed
funds through private donations.

Kudos to the Bartlett Elementary School PTA for taking on this responsibility themselves. 

Please help this worthy cause by sending your donations to:  

   Bartlett PTA-HOPE
   Bartlett Elementary School
   689 Mast Road
   Manchester, NH  03102  


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