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School Board boast cuts, but admits surplus?

February 16, 2007

In my professional life I deal with multi-million dollar annual budgets, and every year about this time I need to put together a budget for the up-coming year.  So budgets are nothing new to me.  But I  have to say that I don’t understand, and I suspect that the average taxpayer doesn’t understand, how the school board puts together their budget.

At the school deliberative session we were told by the school board that they worked hard to come up with a level funded operating budget so as to lessen the burden on the taxpayers. They say that they did this by making $950,000 worth of cuts in the operating costs.  Great!

When asked about the special article to place $300,000 into the Bartlett School capital reserve fund, and where that money was coming from, the response was that it was monies that they expected to be left over from the annual operating costs.

WHAT?  Why not just make $1,200,000 in cuts to the operating budget and let us taxpayers keep more of our money for our family budgets?  I won’t support either the operating budget or the $300,000 article with that kind of explanation.  We can deal with the much needed renovations to the Bartlett School when the time comes and we can get a more detailed explanation as to the costs, benefits and tax impacts.

Vote NO on school articles 2 and 5.


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