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Come on, Goffstown - get with it on recycling!

February 16, 2007

While growing up in California, recycling was always a way of life for me.  Recycling programs there have been in use for years. And after moving to Goffstown a few years ago, I was pleased to see that recycling had been implemented here as well.

More than half of what my husband and I put out to the curb every week is in our "Big Blue" container.  Recycling is such a simple and easy process, yet I've been shocked lately to read and hear talk about "Pay as you throw".

If you think recycling using "Big Blue" is too much bother, wait until you have to buy bags for your recyclables and pay for your pickups!  

My husband and I used a very simple and convenient method to recycle in California, and it works just as well here in Goffstown.  It's easy:  in addition to having a standard, lidded trash can for normal household trash in our kitchen, we also have a typical office wastebasket right next to that trash can - one without a lid - for our recyclable items.  Since the recycle "bin" contains recyclable items such as newspapers, junk mail, empty cans and bottles and other paper and plastic products, it emits no odor.  The lack of a lid makes it that much easier to just toss your recyclable items into it while you're headed to the regular trash can.  Then my husband just grabs it on his way out whenever needed and empties it into "Big Blue".  It's a snap!

Believe me, the more you recycle, the better YOU will feel, too!  

Just give it a try, say for a month.  Trust me, after only 30 days of making an extra effort to recycle more, it'll become second nature to you.  And soon, you'll be doubling what you recycle.

Come on, Goffstown - get with it on recycling!  It's the right thing to do, both for yourselves and for our environment!


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