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TIF needs to fail

February 9, 2007

TIF needs to fail as the voters already said NO to this plan last year. 

Nothing has changed and developers will come without TIF.  No one wants to take away tax money from our schools and other operating expenses - the people in Goffstown simply cannot afford another proposal such as this as it will only cost us all a lot more in taxes. And besides, it favors developers. If the developers want IN, they will pay their way just as they have in the past. 

If the Planning Board would act responsibly, going forward instead of winding up a developers plan to the point of taking years to get things done, Goffstown would be more attractive to do business with.  They (the Planning Board) can be such idiots at times.

As for the Economic Development Council (an "advisory" board), the Selectmen spanked them a few months ago, limiting their abilities to accomplish their goals.  Nothing gained with this action!  The Planning Board thinks the ZBA dislikes them when, in fact, if the Planning Board ever decides to work in concert with the ZBA instead of stripping them of their rights as a Board, things would get done in a more cordial fashion.  

Quotes by one illegal member of the Planning board (for never having been officially sworn in), "It's a useless gesture when the ZBA doesn't heed the Planning Board comments" (January 4, 2007).  Another good one!  Does Dick Georgantas ever open his packet before a meeting?  "Dick Georgantas questioned if the Conservation Commission ever commented?" ANSWER - "The answer was YES, on page 17 of their (Planning Board) packet" AMAZING! (January 11 2007). 

You can really find out how Dick Georgantas feels on this one!  CAMPASANO: "If someone would run for election and lose, that they not be appointed to the Board for a period of one year." GEORGANTAS (who was appointed, but never sworn in) to William Wynne's vacated chair said this: "Dick Georgantas asked if it smacks in the face of the one person who ran and didn't get voted in, who took time to run is a conscientious citizen--should not have consideration of that person being put on the board" (January 25, 2007).

SORRY DICK, you lost your run for re-election and should not have been appointed to that vacant seat!


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