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Friday, June 4, 2010

Real property tax 'whack' is yet to come

By now, Goffstown taxpayers should already have received their property tax bills for the July 1st due date.

To my surprise, some folks told me, "Well, my bill wasn't too bad.  It didn't go up that much."

Huh?  I soon realized these folks didn't understand they really won't be hit with the huge 13.84% increase in the tax rate until their December bills arrive.  That's when we'll be hearing thuds all over town from taxpayers keeling over, bill in hand.

Hopefully, taxpayers will remember their pain when they go to the polls again this coming March.  Such well-known spenders as Henry Boyle, Philip Pancoast and Suzanne Tremblay are all in the last years of their school board terms.  Over on the board of selectmen, none other than Phil D'Avanza, staunch supporter of all that is costly, will also be up for re-election.  Check their voting records on spending issues and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Ask yourself how Goffstown has gotten itself into this fiscally disastrous position in the first place, and who is responsible for it, and the answers are clear.  We are in this position because we have often spent money irresponsibly and in many cases needlessly (can you say VOIP phone systems and GPS units?), and those directly responsible for this spending are our elected officials on the school board and the board of selectmen.

So what can be done about it?  Plenty.

As we are beginning to see across the country, spenders are suddenly, and finally, being voted out of office.  There is no doubt the same is about to occur in our state house as well this fall.  

Goffstown voters can easily do the same come March.

And if you have enough interest in your taxes to have read this column in the first place, why not consider running for the school board or the board of selectmen yourself?

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