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Kudos to DPW workers, Goffstown Police
December 15, 2006

Although we, along with many others in Goffstown, have taken issue recently with the presumed need for a traffic circle in Grasmere and the costs to taxpayers of building it, the Goffstown community nevertheless needs to acknowledge the tremendous effort of DPW workers and the Goffstown Police during the construction phase of this project.

Against difficult topographical and meteorological conditions, DPW workers and police kept disruption of traffic flow to a minimum and did their best to allow access to the Grasmere General Store to be as uneventful as possible. 

As the Center Street/Henry Bridge Road intersection is one the focal point of one only of two main arteries accessing the city of Manchester from the west, morning commutes were hardly disrupted and evening traffic delays were kept to a minimum.  Both workers and police were pleasant, courteous and helpful to those attempting to navigate what were at times difficult, narrow lanes of passage.

Kudos to the Department of Public Works staff and Police Department officers who assisted in making things so much easier for commuters during this time for an expedient and professional job.


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