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24/7 committee should be praised
November 28, 2006

We watched with great interest over the last month as the volunteer 24/7 planning committee tackled one of Goffstown's toughest problems - coming up with a sensible plan to provide residents with 24/7 fire and EMS coverage.  In March of 2005, voters approved a warrant article authorizing selectmen to come up with a plan to implement 24/7 coverage.  

But in 2006, Article 30 of the town warrant asking voters for permission to raise $228,258 to hire 18 new full-time firefighters to implement such coverage and was voted down by a margin of nearly 2-1.  The 24/7 committee's plan proposes the hiring of 10 new firefighters at an initial cost of $571,000, adding 18 cents to the property tax rate (click here to read the committee's full report)

Rumblings are already being heard over the prospect of yet another increase in taxes.  But voters must realize that 24/7 coverage cannot be accomplished without costs.  Our fire stations are not currently equipped to provide overnight accommodations, and additional firefighters will need to be hired to cover new work shifts.   

Coming up with a reasonable plan for implementing 24/7 coverage was, to say the least, a daunting task for the planning committee, especially in such a short timeframe.  We believe the result of their efforts is an excellent starting point for the board of selectmen to use in coming up with a plan for voters to consider at the March 2007 town vote.  

Thank you to all 14 members who volunteered their time and individual expertise in working towards a solution for the betterment of our community.  Those members are:

  Mike Cloutier (Call Force)
  Bill Conner (F/T Firefighters)
  Steve Fournier (Budget)
  Terry Gage (Dispatch)
  Eric Geissenhainer (Budget)
  Mark Germana (Call Force)
  Ed Hannigan (EMTs)
  Gail Labreque (Residents)
  Pat Laforge (F/T Firefighters)
  Felix Pelchat (Residents)
  Fred Plett (CIP/Planning)
  Michelle Provencher (Dispatch)
  David Shaughnessy (EMTs)
  Sue Tremblay (CIP/Planning)



Click here to read the Committee report
Minutes from the 24/7 Planning Committee

Selectman Campasano's sample solution to 24/7 coverage
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