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Goodbye, so long, farewell
March 21, 2006

Hmm, let's see now. Bob Wheeler saw the handwriting on the wall and decided to get out of town on his own rather than be voted out of town. Gossett McRae failed to see that same handwriting and ended up with a miniscule 8% of the vote. And even the Planning Board took a hit when the reign of chairman Dick Georgantas came to an abrupt end. 

Wow. Looks like you boys really teed us off this time around, didn't you?

Goodbye, Bob. So long, Gossett. Farewell, Dick. We'll take it from here.

The "Will of the Voters" has finally usurped the "Will of Bob" in Goffstown. Now that we've begun to restore integrity and honesty to our town government by putting Nick Campasano and John Caprio on the Board of Selectmen, let's turn our attention to the three remaining members of the Good Old Boys Club, namely selectmen Barbara Griffin, Bruce Hunter and Phil D'Avanza. Here are a few tips for the three of you, courtesy of us voters:

To Ms. Griffin: Barbara, you need to ask Scotty to beam you back to reality - and fast. If you don't want to get booted out of office yourself next March, then we'd suggest you stop insulting your constituents with condescending attitudes and airs of legal and intellectual superiority and instead start doing exactly what we voters direct you to do. And it doesn't matter if some of the articles we pass are "advisory". From now on, when we overwhelmingly support something - advisory or not - it is to be considered a "directive" as far as you're concerned, and you are to act upon it accordingly. That's what we put you in office to do. The voters are taking back command of this ship, Barbara. And make no mistake - it is our ship, not the selectmen's. Don't ignore the will of the voters any longer, or come next March we'll beam you out of Town Hall as easily as we did Gossett and Dick (Bob, of course, took the first shuttlecraft out of town before we had a chance to beam him out, too). Just remember - our transporters are working perfectly and we're prepared to energize...

To Mr. Hunter: Same goes for you, Bruce. Sorry, but Bob is gone now, so you're going to have to start making decisions on your own. Don't worry, though - you can do it. We know it may be unfamiliar territory to you, but if you start listening to the new voices of integrity and leadership in Goffstown, namely Nick and John, we might well allow you to stick around beyond next March.

To Mr. D'Avanza: You dodged a bullet this time around, Phil - you're not up for re-election until 2008. That gives you extra time to straighten up and prove that you're worthy of the office we elected you to. We suggest you use that time wisely. 

And to all remaining elected officials in Goffstown:  Be advised that there's a new sheriff in town - the voters. We are taking back control of Goffstown. Forget about the 'Will of Bob' - that era, thankfully, has ended. From now on, the will of the voters is to be respected. You are to represent OUR interests, and no one else's. Goffstown taxpayers sent you all a very clear message on March 14th.  Keep that message in mind between now and next March. 

In the meantime, we'll be watching…

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