Rosemont project to go forward
Selectmen never knew of 5-phase study

GOFFSTOWN - On Monday night, selectmen voted 5-0 to go forward with the Rosemont drainage project after learning that a study conducted in October of 2004 showed the project could be done in five separate phases.  Click here to read that study.

DPW Director Carl Quiram had originally estimated the cost of the project at $600,000, monies that were originally to have been approved by voters but were later taken directly from the town's Road Plan budget.

But on July 23rd, Quiram told selectmen the cost had gone up to nearly $900,000. When asked why the original estimate had been so inaccurate, Quiram's stated that he had not shown his plan to the city of Manchester (which will be involved in the project) prior to putting together his estimate, and that after he did, Manchester pointed out numerous issues (gas lines, water lines, existing sewer composition, required digging depth, and more) that suddenly would add $300,000 to the cost of the project.

Stunned, selectmen then asked if the project might be done in phases rather than all at once. Quiram responded yes, and then referred to a 2004 study that outlines a 5-phase plan for the project.

Although both Quiram and selectmen Phil D'Avanza knew of the existence of that study, neither had ever mentioned it to the rest of the board.  Rather, it was after Quiram was asked about the possibility of a multi-phase approach to the project that he made reference to the study. 

Selectmen did not receive that study until last week.

The study, conducted by McFarland-Johnson, Inc. of Concord, N.H., recommends a 5-phase approach to the project, as follows:

        Phase 1 - $307,000
        Phase 2 - $162,000 
        Phase 3 - $ 75,000
        Phase 4 - $ 53,000
        Phase 5 - $203,000

The study also "highly recommends" phases 1 and 3 as priority portions of the study, as those two phases "...would alleviate the majority of the primary stormwater ponding near the Rosemont/Mast Road intersection and the properties adjacent to the wetland." The study further recommends that Phase 2 be constructed after Phases 1 and 3.

During Monday's discussion, some selectmen were visibly upset as to why the study had never been presented, or even mentioned, to them until July 23rd. "I have seen this project (over two years) through both CIP and the budget committee, and this is the first time that I ever knew that this project had phases to it.  There was always a $600,000 price tag, and I never knew that it could have been broken into pieces," said selectman Scott Gross.

Selectmen subsequently approved the completion of phases 1 and 3 this year, with the understanding that phase 2 would be completed next year.  

The project will be put out to bid shortly.


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