Updates to candidate's existing profiles and new submissions will be added to this section as they are received on a continuing basis until election day.  Check back often for updates.

All candidates for town and school offices are cordially invited to provide us with personal profiles, photos, bios and contact information, as well as your positions on various issues and campaign narratives in support of your candidacies. The information you provide will be posted here for the benefit of Goffstown's voters free of charge.

To submit your profile, please send an email to, or call (603) 497-5900.

SELECTMAN:  1 positions for 3 years SCHOOL BOARD:  3 positions for 3 years

Adams, Collis G.
D'Avanza, Phil

Boyle, Henry "Hank"
Dillon, John (
Hampton, Ben
Pancoast, Phil
Parah, Mary
Tremblay, Suzanne "Sue"
Wolczko, Leah

BUDGET COMMITTEE:  4 position for 3 years PLANNING BOARD:  2 positions for 3 years
Augros, Paul
Dubrulle, Elizabeth
Jukes, Lisa J.
Kendall, Phillip E. II
LaRose, Steve
Lewis, Brian
Skinner, Sean

Dutton, Stephen J.
Hikel, John
Meaney, Richard
Von Ruden, Lowell
Warden, Mark
BUDGET COMMITTEE:  1 position for 1 year SEWER COMMISSION:  1 position for 3 years
Hansen, Francesca "Checker"

Crean, Stephen R.
CEMETERY TRUSTEE:  1 position for 3 years TOWN CLERK:  1 positions for 3 years
Naughton, Linda Reynolds Ball, Cathleen "Cathy"
Lutkevich, Jacqueline "Jackie"
Molan, Celeste

LIBRARY TRUSTEE:  3 positions for 3 years TRUSTEES OF TRUST FUNDS:  1 position for 3 years
Eddy, Wayne
Lawler, Mike
Plante, Susan

Carrel, Earl S.
LIBRARY TRUSTEE:  1 positions for 1 year ZONING BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT:  2 position for 3 years
Hunt, Roxann
Marts, Theresa "Tess"
Reigstad, Kevin
Whooten, Catherine





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